I wanna stay inside all day I want the world to go away I want blood, guts, and chocolate cake I wanna be a real fake

Из лайвблога первого эпизода Карнавала от товарища по НД фандому.
Ййееее, горите , братья и сестры, горите :D :D :D

"Granted I’ve read ahead thanks to multiple internet sources so I know what couple are who but is it bad I can already feel the immense passion between Iris and Justin already? lol I mean come on! XD
. After Justin wakes up from the nightmare covered in sweat clearly shaken and he and Iris share a silent look, I could easily picture a comfort fic in that moment before he got up and left.
. Justin outside the Mr. Chin’s establishment where it starts to snow, then rain blood. HOLY JESUS!! so intense and captivating and trippy!!! Clancy I love you…..
I’m only one episode in and I ship Iris/Justin more than the other couples lol "

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