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Записи с темой: вдохновение (список заголовков)

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Такое короткое видео, но автору мастерски удалось передать все эти винчестерские чувства :hlop:

@темы: спн, винчестеры, вдохновение, Творчество


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Пока лучший новый альбом 2012 года из всех, что мне доводилось слышать. Ребята превзошли все ожидания! Песни глубокие, наполненные чувством и смыслом. А музыка стала более зрелой что ли...И конечно голос Адама. О, Transit of Venus - это именно то, что я уже так давно жду! Как жаль, что увидеть их вживую пока лишь несбыточная мечта

Браво! :hlop::hlop::hlop::hlop:

@темы: вдохновение, Музыка, Three Days Grace



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Камень преткновения еще в том, что у Локи чертовски притягательные аристократичные черты лица и его хочется бесконечно рисовать.

@темы: вдохновение


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Вот это зал, вот это публика!! Трогательно до слез :wow2::small::small::small::small:
Ларе Фабиан в общем-то ничего и не оставалось - только слушать как ее поклоники поют
Люблю ее. Песня в самом деле потрясающая! :tear:

@темы: вдохновение, Музыка, Lara Fabian


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Уффф, готово!))

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Немного поэзии

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Шарлотта Бронте - "The Professor"

("Учтитель и ученица")

When sickness stayed awhile my course,
He seemed impatient still,
Because his pupil's flagging force
Could not obey his will.

One day when summoned to the bed
Where pain and I did strive,
I heard him, as he bent his head,
Say, "God, she must revive!"

I felt his hand, with gentle stress,
A moment laid on mine,
And wished to mark my consciousness
By some responsive sign.

But powerless then to speak or move,
I only felt, within,
The sense of Hope, the strength of Love,
Their healing work begin.

And as he from the room withdrew,
My heart his steps pursued;
I longed to prove, by efforts new;
My speechless gratitude.

When once again I took my place,
Long vacant, in the class,
Th' unfrequent smile across his face
Did for one moment pass.

The lessons done; the signal made
Of glad release and play,
He, as he passed, an instant stayed,
One kindly word to say.

читать дальше

@музыка: Liv Moon - A Wish

@темы: Высказывания и цитаты, Творчество, вдохновение


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''Plead For Me'' by Emily Bronte

Oh, thy bright eyes must answer now,
When Reason, with a scornful brow,
Is mocking at my overthrow!
Oh, thy sweet tongue must plead for me
And tell why I have chosen thee!

Stern Reason is to judgment come,
Arrayed in all her forms of gloom:
Wilt thou, my advocate, be dumb?
No, radiant angel, speak and say,
Why I did cast the world away.

Why I have persevered to shun
The common paths that others run;
And on a strange road journeyed on,
Heedless, alike of wealth and power —
Of glory’s wreath and pleasure’s flower.

These, once, indeed, seemed Beings Divine;
And they, perchance, heard vows of mine,
And saw my offerings on their shrine;
But careless gifts are seldom prized,
And MINE were worthily despised.

So, with a ready heart, I swore
To seek their altar-stone no more;
And gave my spirit to adore
Thee, ever-present, phantom thing —
My slave, my comrade, and my king.

A slave, because I rule thee still;
Incline thee to my changeful will,
And make thy influence good or ill:
A comrade, for by day and night
Thou art my intimate delight, —

My darling pain that wounds and sears,
And wrings a blessing out from tears
By deadening me to earthly cares;
And yet, a king, though Prudence well
Have taught thy subject to rebel

And am I wrong to worship where
Faith cannot doubt, nor hope despair,
Since my own soul can grant my prayer?
Speak, God of visions, plead for me,
And tell why I have chosen thee!

@темы: вдохновение, Творчество, Высказывания и цитаты

Love and destroy